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Sherlock fans, have your deerstalker hat and pipe at the ready - it’s time to play detective. While the BBC have previously announced titles of the first two episodes of Sherlock series three, you’re going to have to work a little hard to uncover the name of the final instalment.

The third episode - which will follow on from The Empty Hearse and The Sign of Three - is due to begin filming this summer after a recess for cast and crew and has so far been shrouded in mystery. But not for much longer…

Series two of the popular detective drama starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman begins its repeats on BBC1 at 8:30pm tonight and fans keen for a spot of detective work should keep a close eye out for a clue to the third and final title of the new series. One word of the episode name is hidden in each of the 90-minute instalments showing over the next three weeks.

"The title’s in the series 2 titles, but which titles could we mean?" teases the BBC who have also revealed that the first letter will appear after about 15 minutes.

So think outside the box. Channel Sherlock. Use the science of deduction. And good luck… (x)

via BBC One Twitter:image

via Sherlockology:

With the start of filming on Sherlock Series Three Episode Three fast approaching, one of the questions fans have been asking us for most of all is, of course, the title of the final installment in the upcoming series. To tease it out, and to make it more fun for everyone, the BBC have put together an interactive puzzle worthy of James Moriarty himself.

We’ve been promised that for the next three weeks in the UK, during the long awaited repeat screenings of Sherlock Series Two, viewers will get the chance to begin to decode the eagerly anticipated title.

How exactly?

Well, we’re joining in the fun alongside the BBC, so all we can say at this stage is to remember four things:

1) Most importantly, remember this mantra. "The title is in the titles". Yes, it’s a riddle, and requires you to work it out for everything to make sense.

2) We recommend having your remote control and a pen and paper to hand before the broadcast starts.

3) The first piece of the title will appear around 15 minutes into A Scandal in Belgravia.

4) Tune in each week for every episode of Series Two. The title of S3E3 will not be revealed all at once. 

»»By the nature of this game, unfortunately only UK viewers will be able to play along and unlock the title.«« No alterations have been made to the visuals of the episodes themselves, but the clues will not exist anywhere apart from this unique UK broadcast. Not even on the DVD or Blu Ray. But either way, by the time the game is done on July 19 2013, we’re expecting everyone worldwide to know exactly what the title of the final episode of Sherlock Series Three will be!





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